Embracing Transformational Narratives

The current challenges of today's lifestyles invite us into a process qualitatively defined by our capacity to manage & negotiate complexity.

How we meet this complexity -- both consciously and unconsciously -- directly mirrors the degree to which we are able to efficiently engage with ourselves. This efficiency may be described as a state of neural integration of both mind & body whereby our individual psychology & biology are simultaneously aligned and attuned. Experiencing such states enables us to access vast intuitive networks of innate intelligence and resilience. It also allows us to differentiate between states of dysregulation vs. regulation. Such differentiation is directly linked to our ability to more fully develop & cultivate who we are -- as well as enhance our capacities in the areas of love/relationship, creativity/work, friendship/family, etc.

Overwhelm appears to be the "new normal" and is seemingly endemic not just to the urban provinces of continental USA, but is indeed a global phenomenon. Thus, our risk for becoming dysregulated is subsequently much greater and is often unexpectedly accompanied by feelings of isolation -- a counter-intuitive event in light of the "highly connected" 21st Century lives we live in real time as well as via social media. And in these 'states' the impact of unprocessed developmental & relational trauma may become more apparent, mirrored in the vicissitudes of anxiety, depression, challenged relationships, identity distortions and generalized dis-ease. Perhaps you have noticed that the survival strategies that have sustained you thus far in life are no longer working and your encounter with subsequent distress cycles are more persistent. It may be time to consider a journey toward Health & Wellness and Somatic Reorganization that is both Transpersonal and Vitalistic in nature. If you sense that this may be the case for you, please continue reading and... Welcome to Multidimensional Living!