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Nicholas F. Cimorelli, LCSW, SEP is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with advanced training in Attachment Theory, Applied Neuroscience and Affect Regulation. He's a graduate of New York University and has been treating individuals and couples for well over two decades. Developmental & Relational trauma and concurrent PTSD are among his areas of specialization. Nicholas' psychodynamic approach to Individual & Couple therapy is highly eclectic. His scope of practice includes integrative models of Interpersonal Neurobiology , EMDR-Reprocessing Therapy and Brainspotting. Additional areas of Training & Professional Development - Gottman Method for Couple Treatment, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and integrative Psycho-NeuroBiological approaches for Individual Therapy & Couples Facilitation.


The Mission

Welcome to MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVING -- A crossroads of Applied Neuroscience, Attachment Theory & Somatic Perspectives! Through this portal one is invited to consider a journey in healing , one that is aligned with the intention of mitigating the challenges & related patterns/symptoms associated with Developmental and/or Relational trauma. This integrated and vitalistic gateway may be entered here through the lens and practice of either Individual Psychotherapy or Couple Facilitation -- two forums where expanding personal narratives embrace 21st Century processes.


The Journey

Nicholas' narrative has been informed by several decades of exploration, evolution and personal transformation. His innate curiosity has always been the central organizing feature of his personality and is what has largely sourced his underlying attraction toward a number of related fields of interest. As a youth, the focus of his undergraduate studies was concentrated in the areas of English literature and Psychology. As part of his early academic training and research he had the opportunity to participate in a unique and cutting-edge residential program for the time which involved living and working for one-year with eighty cohorts. Emotional literacy and human organizational processing were the centerpiece of this full-immersion educational community and was based upon the tenets of Humanistic Psychology and grounded in the work of notable psychologist, Carl R. Rogers.

Synchronicity has always been a great teacher for Nicholas and shortly after completing his undergraduate studies he found himself working in a professional setting with urban families. This experience ignited an interest in family therapy & systems theory which inspired his graduate studies at New York University concentrating upon the work of family theorists, Salvador Minuchin, Murray Bowen and Nathan W. Ackerman. Not long after starting his private practice in Manhattan nearly twenty-five years ago, his work was guided by seismic shifts in the communities in which he found himself. Concomitantly, the developing field of applied Neuroscience had begun to more deeply understand and differentiate the nature of trauma and its vicissitudes, i.e. Developmental trauma, Relational/Attachment Trauma along with Shock trauma. The presence & manifestation of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) among individuals & their families was also more clearly delineated with regard to possible precursors (developmental/relational trauma). It was this shift that promulgated Nicholas' decision to expand and deepen his professional training. This was the beginning of a ten-year journey which continues to the present day to the realm of the Brain, Affective Neuroscience and Relational models & theories of Attachment. It is this research which has provided the foundation for Nicholas' eclectic models for treating individuals and couples.  Along the way, he has had the privilege to study with such shape-shifters in the field as Dr. Daniel J. Siegel (Interpersonal Neurobiology), Dr. Peter A. Levine (Somatic Experiencing), and Dr. Sue Johnson (EFT-Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) to name just few who are among a substantive list of gifted others. Progressive and cutting-edge treatment is inevitably predicated upon a community of seekers. It is indeed an extraordinary time to have the opportunity to work in the ever-changing and evolving arenas of individual psychotherapy and couples therapy.

Another defining feature which has influenced Nicholas' personal presence & sensibility is his affinity for and commitment to international adventure travel. His journeys have largely been intuitively driven. They have resulted in extensive explorations throughout six of the seven continents with a special focus upon the near and far East. His cross cultural and historical leanings have informed his uniquely integrative style. Global perspectives correlated with a macro/micro lens, are organic to his nature and embrace of inter-related disciplines, i.e. Anthropology, Archaeology, Depth Psychology, and World Music. These areas are endemic to his understanding and expression of Multidimensional Living.

Locally, Nicholas' pursuits have also reflected an involvement in community development & organization. He was among the early board members of GLAAD- NY (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). His interests in Media & Integrative Health (as it pertains to Mind-Body-Spirit) also led to his involvement in community broadcasting over the NYC airwaves. This arena graciously afforded him the privilege and opportunity to produce and host programs for public radio aligned with great heart and mission spanning a period of fourteen years. Currently, Nicholas lives and works in his NYC where he's actively engaged in private practice. His interests in media and the arts continue to support and inform his qualitative research. Stay tuned for his upcoming blog and podcasts.


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